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8/8 Diamond Crystal Heart / Tree of Life / Nucleus of Dreams Wall Tapestry

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Today is a special day. We move into a new space within ourselves. This is the first year I am aligning with the True Direct Alignment of the Sun which is currently in Cancer. Today is a preparation for the actual Lionsgate which is August 23rd. This Code is focused deeply on dissolving the mainstream narratives of these Gregorian Mis-Alignments within our Consciousness.

Today is about connecting to the Diamond Crystal Heart and allowing what is being let go of to be witnessed with love and compassion.

The Tree of Life you see here is the proper alignment of base 12 mathematics and is the reflection of our Architecture directly. This Code is bringing our false sense of self to be examined. This triggers a lot and is meant to.

Like a Nucleus - we are held within this space with deep love. What appears to be separation is actually the Miasma experiencing itself through your thoughts and intentions. This brings to the surface what is hidden within which is very uncomfortable. I feel this Code is the reflection of this happening within the Collective. At the center of every Nucleus there is this Love.

I step forward to receive what is here for me now.

We do this together.

I let go of the stories and no longer hold them in my body or mind or heart.

We do this together.

I embrace the change within my open heart.

We do this together.

Each one of us have an opportunity to discern the energies today - we can either play into the false narrative or step forward to Experience what the current alignments of the Stars/Planets/Sun has to offer. For me personally - what the sun is in RIGHT NOW resonates deeper with my architecture than a fixed place that claims the sun is in Leo now. That is what this Code is all about - supporting our transition within these energies of the one stepping forward to receive.

This is the Deepest Love and is also supporting the dissolving of Separation.

We do this together.

With All My Love,
Robbie Watson

——- 💠 All Rights reserved as Creator, Robbie Watson of this True Original Artwork. I give NO content or permission to alter, copy, visually distort, host, or distribute for personal or commercial gain.


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