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Star Wisdoms Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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11/11 Gateway into Gnosis

Today Dear Ones our Souls embody our Truths. They raise into the atmosphere and surround Mother Earth with our loving embrace. There is nothing that does not receive our own personal data stream of creational force energy working in ways that has never been.

I have been working and sitting with this code for a couple weeks. This Code is connecting us deeper to our Inner Star Wisdoms. The Emerald Order is present here and creating a sequence of Codes that can be received in order of your own personal Attunement pattern. Your own unique Ascension Pathway is in deep resonance with the style of codes presented here. This is a deep reflection on an unconscious level.

11/11 for Me is about stepping deeper into the Gnosis. Which for me means the Awareness of the Self that is not manufactured, that is not seen or told yet fully created out of the authentic nature of your own expression. There is big difference in Gnosis and what is expressed through a perceptual lens.

Gnosis is the Language of Innate Coherence being projected from the Center of a Collective Interface that weaves itself into the Architectures of the Mind, redefining what has been distorted for eons.

There is much being experienced here In the unseen of your Being. Let that story unfold for you and bring you into resonance with your own truth, that is above the perception of your reality. This Code is a focused intention for the higher heart to anchor into the lower density aspects we are commingling through this process of entering life through a higher dimensionality of Love.

Many gifts step forward to be claimed from this Awareness.

The Library of your Wisdom is present here and open to be seen and believed in once more.

Feel into the Presence of your own Heart Coherence in this very moment.

Let this Code guide you into the Space where you have never been. I Am with you in every moment.


This 17-ounce, double-walled stainless steel water bottle is perfect for your daily outings. It will keep your drink of choice hot or cold for hours. It also features an odor- and leak-proof cap. Throw it in your car's cup holder on your way to work, take it with you on hikes, or toss it in your bag for any time you get thirsty.

• High-grade stainless steel
• 17 oz (500 ml)
• Dimensions: 10.5″ × 2.85″ (27 × 7 cm)
• Vacuum flask
• Double-wall construction
• Bowling pin shape
• Odorless and leak-proof cap
• Insulated for hot and cold liquids (keeps the liquid hot or cold for 6 h)
• Patented ORCA coating for vibrant colors
• Hand-wash only (dishwasher not recommended due to vacuum seal)
• Blank product sourced from China

Disclaimer: Keeping water in the bottle for over 24 hours is unhygienic and can result in an unpleasant smell.