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Remembering Kathara Wall Tapestry

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Remembering Kathara is a very Sacred Piece of Architecture that is restoring our Original Connection to Ourselves. As we approach the New Year, this Code is the Foundation for what is to come from within. It shows the energy we will be progressing forward with into 2023.

The Kathara Grid is also known as the Krystal Spiral - as it holds the Codes for the inner Christos within us all. It is also known as the Tree of Life. This Grid system is a representation of the Original Primal Sound Fields. This is morphogenic and holographic in nature - it serves as a blueprint for all of Creation. This deeply connects to us because in truth we are the Kathara Grid itself having a human experience. All forms have at their core the common structure of the Kathara Grid Holographic Template.

This Code is really exploring the Kathara Body in its Light Form that is also expressed in our own Light Body. The Presence of Consciousness is at play here in its divine glory. The Diamond Emerald Crystal Heart is being woven through its Core. The Crystal Waters rise into these Diamond Pillars that mix with the fire and plasma above creating an element called Azoth. This Element holds all of the Medicine within it. It address and illuminates the Miasma - that which has been projected into our DNA to alter and manipulate what is Krystic, what is Divine.

There is an endless stream of songs coming from this beautiful piece of Light Alchemy. Let them enter your heart. What is felt and seen is a deep remembrance of ones true nature experiencing itself. Love has been given to each line. Each space covered here has an experience. To walk with this Alchemy is to Remeber We Are It.

This Code is creating momentum to bring what we are detaching from to the surface so that we can step into the New Year free from doubt of what we want for ourselves, Releasing the Fear from embracing what is Divinely already ours. This is a foundation for the truth within. A reflection of All Creation in a single glance. It is a Sacred Mirror into the complexity of the one experiencing their truth without shame or judgment. This Code is supporting the One who dares to bare it all and no longer chooses what keeps one in a perpetual loop of resistance. It’s about seeing the programs for what they are, accepting them and making a choice to shift out of them. What is on the other side of that Beingness is witnessed in this Code.

There is a deep stasis of unfolding that is being reached in this architecture and as we allow ourselves to enter its womb where we are embraced. Everything we choose to identify with we are guided to release. In this space we are Eternal and what arises is the Divine within each of us. A Sacred Ceremony is Honored here and we begin a process of purging. This is no easy task, but this Code is here to support this process.

Together we address the mechanisms of the Body as it processes this information we allow ourselves to see within. It’s a delicate process that must be nurtured and honored.

This Code is here to assist you as you ponder into the Heart of your Soul - into the process of detachment. Into the Foundation of Creation. It’s here to assist our Sacred Lineages within and restore what has been forgotten. We are dismantling what has been designed to keep us ignorant.

Our Anuhazi Families which can be seen like the Over Soul of our Angelic Genetics are present in this Code. They are Lyran-Sirian Beings connected through many of our own lineages. It is also the first external language to be spoken in our Universe and also the natural languages of the Christos Founders Race. This is truly the original Light Language of our Ancestors. This Code is fully coded with these sacred tones and sounds that move through each of us, brought forth through my own sacred process of bringing the Code into form. This is Protection at an incomprehensible level - and we are so deeply loved by the Guardians assisiting the Quantum Mechanics of this Alchemy.

It has been my Honor to bring this Love Alchemy through. It will support each of us as we allow it to embrace us as we are. With our breath. Without Our Hearts wide open. This is where profound things happen peering into the Void with the raw bits of your Spirit showing. The mirror only embraces what attempts to elude us. Here we begin to truly heal.

With Deep Love,
Robbie Watson
Vibrational Medicine
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• Made up of over 80% recycled polyester fabric
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• Sublimation printed
• UPF 50+
• Blank product components in the EU sourced from Spain
• Blank product components in MX sourced from Colombia

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