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ReGenesis - Arc of Kathara - Divine Child Wall Tapestry

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This Architecture is supporting the integral process of the Child addressing core wounds within the self. These wounds sometimes are that which we carry from lifetime to lifetime until we release them. The wounds range as each of us are individually carrying them for our deep soul lessons. In this present moment, this Code is like a Womb - connecting back to the Divine Holy Mother Sophia, embracing us as we step forward as the Wounded Child. We are also working through the Kathara Grid again and stepping into the specific spheres of influence such as that which we communicate as our Divine Truth - through the Heart Soul Monadic Matrix.

This is Avatar Soul Embodiment and is anchoring this year's Codes to come. This Code is also interacting with various bodies of Energy that others are bringing through. These Codes are being brought through simultaneously together as our embodiment unfolds. It's extraordinary truly how one piece of this Code holds space for another piece in another code and vice versa. I can feel them in the field as we witness ourselves and allow our creative ORGANIC expression to Be as it is. We as a Collective are witnessing these Organic Matrices as if we are infants witnessing the Rainbow for the first time. It's all new - but it immediately reflects the presence of many things. This is how we Remember we are One.

There are Solar Rishic energies here and they are bringing into harmony our Genetic Records to bring forth the necessary data sets to remove what has been inverted or hijacked within the body systems. This Code is assisting with this process for each of us. It is a Holy Temple and container of the energies of our Sacred Maharaji lineages - acting as a Bridge for the Gatekeepers of these Genetic Lines to connect back to our Original Christos Templates within.

There is much Joy here - and Humility. There is playfulness in the intention to reflect what is innocent and precious. There is great strength here - as the womb holds all the memories of the children that have passed through these sacred walls.

Many changes are coming, and as this Code anchors in we are reminded of the support through this Code.

This Code is bringing into balance many more codes that will be embodied this year to come.

Always a great honor to connect in this way.

Inward and Forward We Go

With Deep Love,
Robbie Watson
Vibrational Medicine
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