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Eclipse Gateway Wall Tapestry

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This code brings me into full embodiment and reflect the same within you.

It is in this code that ancient voices echo through these words, through the caverns of ourselves. We are swept away in the current of Orion’s belt, Osiris brings us to our knees, and we are embodied in the source, this one that carries us to the morning. We are here. We do not stagger. Our feet grip tightly the earth beneath our toes, we sing the song the sun asks of us, we do not question this presence, this space. It is so that our heart begins to thump into patterns we have forgotten, origins of experience vibrating up and out of our chest, we trust ourselves here. We know ourselves here.

What becomes is our destiny, what is said, memorialized in the catacombs of this code. We are one here.

This code is dissolving the separation between what is unknown, and what is known. This code is a catalyst for your path to be Scene.

Together we will flourish, and for eons to come, the beginning of this story will be honored, and remembered.
Our recycled fabric is ideal for helping your vision of a handmade product come to life. Small or large, activewear or swimwear—the fabric will handle it all! Get yours now.
• Made up of over 80% recycled polyester fabric
• Ultra soft and very stretchy
• Sublimation printed
• UPF 50+
• Blank product components in the EU sourced from Spain
• Blank product components in MX sourced from Colombia

Size guide

  WIDTH (inches) LENGTH (inches)
55×54 55 54