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Summer Solstice Wall Tapestry

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This is a very special code that represents the embodiment of our collective souls essence. This code connects us deeply to our crystalline heart. This code is a body of transformation. It is bringing in new energies we are capable of integrating into our third eye and chakra systems. These energies are preparing to be embodied as you experience the moments between you and your surrender. There is a choice displayed before you. One where you know what they are, and what it means to make it that choice. It is in this space that our souls take full responsibility for our mission and purpose. It is when the human ego can step away without resistance and experience the truth without doubt. This is where the seeds of new consciousness have sprouted. This is where the leap of faith has led you. This is the next stage of transcendence.

You have just become it. Seeking it only happens because you thought it needed to be found outside of yourself. There is a handing over of wisdom within this body of coding. There is a depth of knowledge that those who were ready to obtain are here now to receive. The trust has been established, and the exchanges have begun, from universal structure of intelligence, to the mind of human being. Within these wisdom‘s are records created to assist humanity if it were to arrive at this moment. Within these records are blueprints to build a new, which is needed to assist ourselves and the whole.  This code helps us step into the unknowing, into the infinite freedom of being. Trust this space, it is home.


Our recycled fabric is ideal for helping your vision of a handmade product come to life. Small or large, activewear or swimwear—the fabric will handle it all! Get yours now.
• Made up of over 80% recycled polyester fabric
• Ultra soft and very stretchy
• Sublimation printed
• UPF 50+
• Blank product components in the EU sourced from Spain
• Blank product components in MX sourced from Colombia

Size guide

55×54 (cm) 139.7 137.2