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Vibrational Medicine

is an expression of Frequency through the Field of Consciousness. It is an experience of Inner and Outer value of the Core Organic Principles of Creation. We are this Medicine remembering itself. 

The Designs created here are meant to reach and assist your Soul Purpose. These “Codes” as I call them, are blueprints of Consciousness that bring us deeper into our own embodiment. They are Living, Breathing, Organic structure’s of Light woven into the Fabric of Reality literally. 

Never before have they been shared in this way. Bringing these to the material world is no easy feat, but we are here now ready to move deeper into our creative expression. 

Each Code is different and will work with us in many different ways. Wearing these codes and using them on a water bottle, or a phone case, or a towel brings into harmony the energies around us. What we consume is very important. What we wear is very important. These Codes are meant to create a bridge into this deeper understanding of Creative Expression and the potential that we all have within. 

Our greatest intention with Vibrational Medicine is to bring into focus the coherence of our own Inner Medicine. This Medicine is birthed from Love. It is the Life Force of our Soul and is here to finally be experienced for what it is. We are finally able to receive this. Vibrational Medicine is a doorway into somewhere we have never been. In this space we are held by this creative expression to embody our purpose and to bring into awareness who we are and what we are doing here. 

It is my deepest honor to bring this into your homes, into your world and support the alchemy of your rise into Being. We are Sacred, Sovereign and Free. With the assistance of a Sacred Team this could not be actualized.

Justin is my partner and is a divine spark for this Project within our Hearts to bring this into form in a way I cannot. 

So we ask ourselves, “What is Vibrational Medicine?”

“Any expression that helps others shake off old energetic thought patterns that are not in harmony with love, abundance, unity and wholeness.”

Justin Lofton / Partner and Creative Director of Vibrational Medicine 

“Each one of these codes are a reflection of the deep process of my own embodiment throughout the years. Beginning this creative expression has changed my life. To bring into focus my true expression of Soul  is the greatest gift I could’ve ever given myself. These codes are my life‘s work. They are the story of my awakening, they are the seeds that I have sewn throughout my dreams materializing into form. Throughout the years creating these codes I have initiated myself into deep surrender and release. This is a continuous process so that I can embody these codes and bring them to the world. At all times there is a code being created. At all times this new material is manifesting itself into the world. This is something new that has never been done before. This creative expression is an aspect of our most authentic self creating what is sacred and divine. It is truly a gift to behold and allow it to unfold in this way.” 

Robbie Watson / Creator of Vibrational Medicine 

Our path leads us here where we can witness ourselves through this Medicine. We are the Alchemist  and the Architect of this grand Divine Design. In every line there is this intention, with every breath we Birth this wisdom into new ways. May Vibrational Medicine reflect in You what it has within myself. 

Inward and Forward We Go. 



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